Real Estate

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Real Estate Insurance

You Own a Lot of Property. Is it Well-Protected?
Let us help you protect your property portfolio, and manage
the real estate investments you've made.

Why should you consider this product?

  • Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group has been insuring property in Vermont since 1821
  • Our team at Hickok & Boardman has strong relationships with the best property insurance carriers can be leveraged to your advantage
  • Our 24/7 claims team is always ready to answer your call
Product Summary
Property Values

It’s important that your property is adequately insured without being over-insured. Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group can help you determine the proper limits so that you are paying the right premium.

Risk Management

As a landlord, you may be liable for incidents that occur on the premises that you own and lease to others. We partner with you to ensure you are using best practices, thereby minimizing the risk to your business and its assets.

Property Management Liability

Maintaining and managing your properties or the properties of others can be risky business. There are many things to consider: Do you have contracts for the snow removal or other sub-contractors? What happens if a tenant sues you? Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group can help you navigate these types of issues.