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Property Insurance

Avoid Devastating Loss or Damage to Your Property
Let us tailor the insurance of your physical assets to the
unique needs of your business.

Why should you consider this product?

  • Business Property Insurance can help protect your business's owned and leased property , including medical equipment, inventory, furniture, fixtures, and buildings
  • Coverage is also available for the protection of your accounts receivable records or computers and media
Product Summary
Causes of Loss

Property Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of incidents and events such as fire, theft, burst pipes, earthquake, and flood.

Additional Coverage

Property Insurance can also include loss of computers, loss of machinery, debris removal, off-premises property, increased cost of construction, and more.

Coverage Options

Property Insurance can be written on a stand-alone basis or as part of a Commercial Package policy to include the Commercial General Liability coverage.

Property Valuation

For what amount should you insure your property? Replacement cost is the preferred method, and is the cost of a damaged or destroyed property with no deduction for depreciation.

Business Income and Extra Expense

Replaces lost income you would have earned to pay your bills and employees while your property is being rebuilt after an insured loss such as a fire.