Are You Covered?

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Am I covered for:

If I rent a car, will my insurance transfer to a rental vehicle?

Your auto policy extends to cover a rented auto with certain exclusions and limitations. As with collision coverage on your own vehicle, if there is a claim a deductible will apply.

Does my Homeowners' policy cover damage to my basement from water?

Water backup and Sump Pump Overflow coverage is available subject to a limit and deductible.

What if I lose a stone in my wedding ring?

Your Homeowners' policy may have a specified limit for jewelry coverage. For example, $1,000 after a deductible without providing an appraisal. For those items you wish to have specific coverage for above this limit, an appraisal is required to allow for properly insuring its value. This amount of coverage should be reviewed and possibly updated from time to time. “Scheduling” jewelry will give you additional coverage for perils such as “mysterious disappearance” and is not subject to any deductible.

When I travel, are my possessions protected?

Your personal property is covered up to 10% of your policy limits when you travel away from your home. Please be aware, as with any claim a deductible will be applied in the case of a loss.

How does my Homeowners' policy help me if the electricity goes out and my refrigerator isn't working?

Refrigerated Products coverage will protect you for certain types of loss to items in your refrigerator or freezer. This has a limit and is usually subject to a lower deductible.

A friend will be helping drive my car for my medical appointments; do I need to add them to my policy?

Coverage is extended to anyone holding a valid drivers’ license that may be driving your vehicle with your permission. If the usage becomes more than occasional, that driver should be added to the policy and will be subject to underwriting guidelines.

Am I covered for:

What if I rent a vehicle or if my employee runs an errand on behalf of my business in their own vehicle?

Errands and rental situations are common in the business world. If you rent or borrow a vehicle for your business or use a vehicle belonging to others, including vehicles owned by your employee, you need Non-Owned Auto & Hired Auto coverage to cover bodily injury and property damage. Note: Physical damage to the borrowed/rented vehicle is generally not covered, although this coverage can be added as well.

What if I loan the company car to someone?

There are ramifications to lending a company vehicle to someone, such as a family member or friend. After an accident has occurred and the permitted operator of the vehicle is determined to be at fault, the company’s Auto Insurance kicks in first to pay for any damages. It is important to note the insurance follows the car, not the driver. Once your Business Auto policy pays out for the claim, this will become part of your insurance loss history.